Imagine this…. all the world’s dopest Christian Hip Hop and Gospel Artists all in one ship cruising the Bahamas, Puerto Rico or Mexico? Each artist of one heart and soul with the intention to minister the Gospel of Christ through music and reach the lost.

Can you imagine the ship flowing to and fro and the audible sound of Christ’s Gospel being heard through the speakers?....The ocean filled with the presence and Glory of God!!?

Genesis 1:2 says.. Now the earth was formless and empty,darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

He (The Spirit) was waiting for God’s command of "Let There Be...." But creation and life all started with His spirit Brooding/Hovering on the Surface of the deep, and when God spoke those commands Everything came into being..ships hadn't even been invented yet. Noah through obedience to God’s Word built the Ark and had all of different types of animals with him...imagine how wild that cruise would have been?!

Let me tell you something that will make your jaw drop and a "Wooow or Amen" come from deep within your hearts and be heard from the rooftops or your place of work? Whether that be an office or could even be at home with your family around the table eating your food or even McDonald’s or Burger King. If you are in the process of eating make sure your mouth is empty before you read on so let’s have a "Selah" (Pause and digest what you've read) as the last thing you want is to spray your neighbor or whomever is around your table with chewed up half eaten food and ain't it bad manners to speak with your mouth full? Haha Even more to shout "Praise God!"..Ok here it goes...You no longer need to imagine about this now because... THE FIRST EVER CHH CRUISE JUST HAPPENED!!

“It was the most incredible move of God amongst CHH artists that I’ve ever seen” says MadeSacred of OmniGod Music. “RightWay Management Sound was able to acieve what we’ve all been dreaming of….An actual vacation full of performing artists! It was unreal and I can’t wait for the next cruise!”

There is an excitement and expectation of the amazing work that Christ is doing in CHH. The Holy Spirit is hovering over the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico and other cruise-line paths. Many CHH and Gospel artists are already preparing themselves not only for the next cruise, but for what God is gonna do through them and on that ship.
The waves may crash over the side of the ship as it rocks with the Bass and Treble. But with the dancing, singing and rapping of these talented Artists….passengers aboard will have nothing to fear because Jesus will be there. Picture this.. Jesus...relaxed in a deck chair rocking Bermuda swim shorts...shades on and a tummy full of delicious food prepared by the incredible kitchen staff on a Carnival Cruise Ship!?

So prepare yourselves for the cruise of a lifetime! Get your shorts, sunscreen and glasses ready. And keep an eye out for those dates as you tune into and

We love you all and cannot wait to board that ship with the best people on Earth!

Any Donations/Contributions are welcome.

Jesus is the captain of the ship so you’re in for a thrillingly inspiring Journey.



Mark Bl4zing is Operations Supervisor U.K. and Executive Writer for OmniGod Music.