My sister and I find it a lot of fun when watching movies to see how far into a movie they go before using the title in the script. In honor of that, I will start my very first review by saying Titus's recent music video really gets you "Charged Up"!!

Titus's song "Charged Up" featuring Avila and Ken Nai is an incredible energy boost in a world where we turn to coffee and other means to keep going each day. "Do it for the kingdom" is the first encouragement we hear. It's easy to proclaim beliefs but living them out is another story. If daily we will "say what we mean and mean what we say" how much easier would this world flow like the beats in this song.

Avila speaks "Devil try to mark us cuz we got purpose... my God he the Optimus... Prime..." We get discouraged when we step into Gods family and don't immediately see ultimate blessing. We need the reminder he brings here that God has our back. The moment the devil sees us moving forward into Gods victory he gets scared so he comes after us. Let God charge you up daily and face each hit knowing you will win with God fighting for you!

Ken Nai finishes strong encouraging that "Faith creates joy!" Know who you believe and stand in Gods glory! Jump up and make noise family! This song is the ultimate energy boost!

Thank you Titus for charging us up with your words and beat! Take time family to watch the video! The life in it will keep you hopping!


Ruby Williams is a Photographer, Content Editor and Writer for OmniGod