Calvin Cofield, a Detroit Michigan native has a single called "Stay" that has been featured on plenty of sites such as Speak Life Radio, Sirius XM, Under Crown Hip Hop, and plenty more.

His Song "Stay" is a standing statement for all to do just that! When life hits us the hardest we as humans have the urge to run away from God and hide. Staying and waiting for God to comfort when you are weak is what Calvin Cofield as a steward for Christ is trying to get us to see in this strong and bold letter to our hearts as well as minds.

I use the word "letter" because he is speaking to a crowd of many who find themselves weak in a moment and don't know where to turn. Our only action during a time like this is to run. I love this song because I myself want to run from my hardships but I humbly took this song, saw my situation, my hardship and said "Stay."

Here is a bio of the song from Calvin that will give you more insight. If you find yourself in any type of situation don't allow your storm to cause you to run. Find God and "Stay just a little bit longer." 

""Stay" is a song that encourages people to stay with God no matter the circumstances! Many people are walking away from God and His Son Jesus the Christ and also the faith. They are walking away for various reasons. But it doesn't matter where you find yourself, God can lift you and redeem you from any situation. If you love, trust and believe Him and are called according to His will, all things will work together for your good. (Romans 8:28) Hold on to Him because there will be a day that we will live with Him FOREVER!!"


Phillip Rosas is a Writer for OmniGod Music.