I'd like to introduce to you the newest album from one of my favorite and most inspirational artists, Bryann Trejo. The title of the album, "Now Do You Believe?”!!

Bryann is an artist who is incredibly transparent and addresses some real life issues that we as a people face in this world. He goes hard in this new album with his wife Monica and if I weren't already a Christian, he certainly through his hard hitting truth revealing lyrics would have made me one! Its all Glory to God with Bryann and obvious that He has inspired our brother through the work of the Holy-Spirit on this album. This record is a straight up Masterpiece (or should I say "Masters Piece”?)!! This is definitely a record that every human soul should purchase, pause and take time to listen to. Believer or Non-Believer…….THIS IS FOR YOU!! 

"My sin, my sin was the death of this man.....My sin my sin was nailed to his hands"

These were the first words I heard on the first track - Now do you believe. And I knew right away that this album was going to hit-hard and reach into lost and broken hearts who need to find guidance and healing!! As you listen to this album you will relate to a lot of Bryann’s personal convictions as well as brokenness. His transparency is heard and many can familiarize with his heartache and need to have a savior!! The presence of God is felt and heard throughout this album and the question will definitely be something that you will think about….whether believer or unbeliever……and that question is "Now do you believe?"

I am 100% certain that once you've listened to this whole album...the answer will be YES!!

www.omnigodmusic.com would like to thank, honor and congratulate our brother Bryann and his team Kingdom Muzik on this album and encourage them all each to continue the fight for the lost. We would also like to thank them for being available to glorify God!! May God continue to bless you and your ministry abundantly in Jesus mighty Name!!


Mark Bl4zing (Gent) is an English Bulldog of a writer and Promotions/Recruiting Manager for OmniGod.