The band called Brothers is an amazing outfit. On the surface one could refer to them as a metalcore band, but they are so much more. For starters the music is quite a sonic rollercoaster ride. The music of Brothers successfully incorporates various musical genres. At any given moment the music takes the listener from one extreme to another. Brothers delivers the expected and the unexpected in their music.

The makeup of Brothers itself is intriguing. The band is made up of four brothers. The members are Kasen on lead vocals, Colyn on guitar and vocals, Chase on bass, and Hayden on drums. These four brothers certainly have something to say musically. The foundation of the bands music may be metalcore but what they build on that foundation goes way beyond that genre. The music is often a tale of two extremes. Hard edged guitars played over dream like pianos and synths. Extreme metal vocal stylings bump up against cleanly sung vocals. Slick pop music melds with aggressive metal.

One of the highlights of the band's music is their songwriting. They have written five songs that take the listener on a musical journey. The band weaves in and out of different genres, all in the course of a single song. This is not an easy feat, but Brothers make it look easy. They are a metal band with a knack for writing memorable choruses. Even when the vocals are at their most extreme there is still a sense of melody. The choruses are so hook-laden that after a few listens you'll find yourself singing along.

Special mention must be made in regards to the vocals of Kasen and Colyn. Colyn has a great voice that would fit right into the mix of today's popular radio hits. On the other hand the variety of extreme vocal styling put forth by Kasen is stellar. He sings, shouts, screams and grunts his way through these five songs with ease. His vocals run the gamut of genres from pop to rock to metal to metalcore to death metal. That vocal variety is extremely refreshing.  When the two come together it takes the music to another level.  

Every facet of the music of Brothers is on point. The songwriting, the vocals, the musicianship and the production all shine brightly. The band's high-octane music could best be described as alternate melodic metalcore. The music created by this band of brothers is exceptional. Brothers is a group that is highly recommended.


Troy Tennard is a Writer for OmniGod Music Group.


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