Bred 4 War is a promising new heavy metal band. With guitar, bass, drums, and microphone firmly in hand this band is ready for musical warfare. Crushing riffs and aggressive vocals mixed into heavy, yet melodic metal is the sound of Bred 4 War.

One of the great aspects of modern metal is musical diversity. Metal bands do not have to be confined to one metal genre. Bred 4 War incorporates influences from a few metal sub genres such as groove metal, nu metal, and metalcore. The band successfully merges the sounds of metal from the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's.  That said, there is a heavy influence from the metal scene of the 1990's in the bands music.

One big compliment that I will give the band is the demeanor of the music. Bred 4 War is a high energy metal band. The music and vocals are quite aggressive, yet the band does not sound angry. Often times metal bands with aggressive vocalists sound angry at the world regardless of the lyrical content. Bred 4 War vocalist Daniel Streety is delivering energetic, heavy, aggressive vocals full of hope. There is plenty of emotion in the bands music however anger is not one of them. Bred 4 War delivers heavy music with a message of hope.

Musically this is strictly guitar driven metal. There are no keyboards or synthesizers to be heard. Guitarist Justin Roark keeps things interesting by varying the guitar riffage from song to song. Bassist Jay Malott and drummer Phil Roark solidly help to hold down the rhythms throughout.  The music that they create is heavy and aggressive, yet there is plenty of melody and groove.  These songs make you want to move, it may be hard to sit still listening to these songs.  

Bred 4 War's debut EP is a strong introduction for this new band. I would imagine that their next release will be even heavier and more aggressive. Based on these songs the future looks bright for these up and comers.  The metal world needs more bands like Bred 4 War.  In a very dark world it is refreshing to hear a metal band with a positive message.


Troy Tennard is a Writer for OmniGod Music Group.