When you listen to The Innerview a fifteen track album by Asap Preach you get the sense that he put everything he had in this album. From production, to lyrics, to the way he stacks his vocals the album is strong with emotion and a full life journey throughout.


The intro is an indicator that the story to follow is going to wake you up. I had the opportunity to purchase this album and listen to it before hand. While I have always loved the approach Asap takes when he prepares for an album I genuinely love the finishing touches. With artist features packed in by Young Cortez,   Adam Yung, New Rain, and Bryan Ramirez the song that touches base with me most is "Asap" featuring Godnation.

With Beast on the chorus and Chosen spitting a 16 I couldn’t stop pressing repeat. That was true for me with this whole album.

The outro "I Won't Give up" which has become an anthem for the heartbroken sets the back drop to becoming the moral compass for those who need to find hope when they are lost. Take time to watch the video for "I Won't Give up".

I can't state enough that I feel and sense that ASAP Preach put all he had into this album. He has come a long way and you can see it. If you have not bought this album please consider it. I believe it will change your life.


Phillip Rosas is a Writer for OmniGod Music.