If you listen to artist Anthony Rosser's album "Along the Way" you would never know that it was his first album. The sound, the quality, and effort put into it a phenomenal work of art.

A gift none the less that was given to do works unimaginable. Starting off with "The Call" it is quite obvious how much work has been put into each song. The second song "Dose of me" has a familiar feature, joined by Bumps Inf and a rhythm that sets the tone for this 11 track album. Its no wonder he is where he is at with his music. With a roster full of features it never takes away from the artist himself.

One song that really grabbed my attention was "Honest" which features Joey Jewish on the hook. I immediately felt the vibe of this raw track. Speaking in a more mellow demeanor and tone Anthony and Joey tell a story. Track six a song called "Systems" featuring Selah the Corner without a doubt will give you a dose of reality. The hard to miss flow of Selah tops it off.

Last but not least is the song "He's Clutch". Keeping God first through the whole album is apparent. "He's Clutch" is packed with drums and flow that compliment the production of this song. I didn't have a hard time listening to this album. In fact i love it. I truly believe his next project and ones to come will either top this one or keep the same energy and truth within them. No matter what happens his music serves God. To me that is a plus. You will hear raw talent as well as a passion for what he does. Anthony Rosser is an artist that should not be slept on.


Phillip Rosas is a Writer for OmniGod Music.