Just Imagine there was a group of Christian Hip-Hop Artists/Worship Leaders from all over the world who made music so penetrating that the youth, poor, disadvantaged, marginalized, pimps, prostitutes, murderers, thieves, drug dealers, drug-users, etc. in every nation, while paused, heard the sound of truth Booming through the speakers of many vehicles that waited at the Red lights around them. Music blasting out that really touched their hearts and spoke to them in a way that made them drop to their knees crying out to God!! That made them lay aside the weight of Sin and turn back to their Creator God the Father who breathed into them from the beginning out of dust.

God the Father created ALL THINGS including music!! Some music became corrupted by artists who decide to pollute the hearts and minds of the youth and many other people in today's society. Telling them to model their lifestyle like these particular artists and use guns. To get involved in crime, drugs, and to get pimped.

Music can have such a powerful effect on the mind that kids and even some adults get brain washed into thinking "This is the way to live, I'll walk and talk and wear these funky clothes because my favorite artist does.

But God is Omnipresent (Everywhere) and Omnipotent (All Powerful) and our website http://www.omnigodmusic.com as well as artists from ALL OVER through the power and grace of God will make a change in many countries, cities, towns, and villages. Within the hearts of men and women a fire will be stirring. An unexplainable flame of passion for Christ to be glorified and spread through out the Nations through Christian Hip-Hop! The equipping power He provides for them to be bold, courageous, and flexible for His will to be Done on earth as it is in Heaven!!

This is the movement..The Flames are leaping higher!! Gods word and message is dropping through the ears and reaching hearts!


"A New Revolution Is in the air

OmniGodMusic Spreading everywhere

A New Song is Rising From every heart

Ignite the flame and proclaim the Name

Without Shame. 

The Name Jesus that echoes round

Your brain.

Like a steam train, we equipped and powerful.

With God on our side 

then Satan gets a shower full

Of N.I.V loaded, scripture exploded

So be ready for war, Artists here loaded

Soaked in the blood, their fire proof 

Tearing down strongholds


Slicing through his jugular vein

with real truth.

Bars that leave demons

With a hole in the roof

We reach youth we drag em out hells flame.

So Shout the Name OmniGod!!"


Mark "Blazing" is an english bulldog of a writer and Recruiting Manager for OmniGod Music.