The Weeping Gate are a new Christian metal band hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. They recently released their debut EP entitled Malice & Deceit. The EP consists of five well played and well produced melodic death metal songs.

The band hits the ground running with the first song The Shoah. Right from the immediacy of the opening guitar riff it is quite apparent that this is a heavy band. When the vocalist enters the mix you are fully aware that The Weeping Gate are an extreme metal band. They combine the sounds of thrash metal, death metal, black metal and grindcore to produce their own extreme sound.

Listening to the EP's five songs a few things are apparent. The Weeping Gate are a very talented metal band. The songs are played quite skillfully. Each member of the band plays their part well. Excellent guitar riffs and solos abound throughout the EP's well written songs. Subtle keyboards augment the guitars and add atmosphere to the music. The drumming, full of time changes and blast beats, is fantastic. The band's extreme guttural vocals may not be for everyone but fans of extreme metal will find plenty to like here. The lead vocals are exceptional throughout. There is also a female vocalist present providing backing vocals. Her angelic voice contrasts and compliments the main vocals. On the EP's fourth song Empires she ably takes over on lead vocals.

Another positive aspect of Malice & Deceit is the production. The five songs are well produced. Far too many extreme metal bands are the victims of poorly produced albums. Too much distortion, over use of reverb, and poorly heard vocals are far too common. That is far from the case here. The music of The Weeping Gate is heavy and dense. There is quite a bit going on musically in these songs. The production is crisp and clear, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the complex metal music on display.

The Weeping Gate have produced an extremely promising debut release with Malice & Deceit. This is a richly complex death metal release that will take multiple plays to fully appreciate. Over the course of the EP's five songs the band takes the listener on quite an extreme metal musical journey. The future looks very bright for this young metal band. I am intrigued to see what The Weeping Gate has to offer on future releases.


Troy Tennard is a Writer for OmniGod Music Group