Most wouldn't normally consider being a Christian Hip Hop Reviewer a difficult job. Yet here I am sitting dumbfounded after having just listened to the Southern Gospel Mixtape by World Rejects. The problem begins as soon as the first track starts with the initial chunks of ice breaking off the drifts that begin to tumble down the hill. A couple songs in the snow and mud have packed itself tightly into a careening ball of chilling certainty gaining undeniable momentum. Halfway through the project even the trees are being swept up into the cataclysmic torrent advancing at a breakneck speed down the mountain toward the sleeping city below. Before listening to this mixtape I didn't think it was possible to experience an avalanche in Houston Texas.

Let me explain. The best problem I can have as a reviewer is finding too many exceptional songs together on one album. Thankfully, the World Rejects have presented me with a real doozy. Not only are there a handful of outstanding mentionable wins like most projects, but after listening through the entirety several times I can only MAYBE pick one track I wasn't as wild about as the rest. That's right, the whole tape is absolute Ruwach ha'Qodesh (Holy Spirit) FIRE. Phyre, Adrian Angelo, and Beatkaso have really come out strong in their sophomore project bringing along some great talent for the bumpin' ride on 20 inch blades.

Personally I have been looking for a style like World Rejects since I first started paying more attention to Christian Hip Hop or CHH. Anyone familiar with H-Town will be instantly comforted by the vibes and beats classically produced by Beatkaso, and everybody else will get a taste of what it was like growing up listening to the spittas of the Dirty South. World Rejects want to take us back to a Golden Age of Sound where rap was the kingdom and its princes were DJ Screw & SUC, Pimp C & UGK, and K-Rino & SPC. While clearly influenced by the ones who paved the way before them World Rejects unapologetically strive to break new ground for the True King, shaking a sleeping city out of it's slumber with a trunk full of 24's.


Larson Messenger is an executive writer for OmniGod.