In his follow-up album Blame The Red Beard, OmniGod Artist JusJames wants you to 'Get A Grip'. On the things in life that really matter. On becoming a more sanctified person, unswayed by the glamours this world offers. On understanding that the most prominent, efficient, and taboo magic spell cast on our society today is the struggle against pornography. 

JusJames and the Artists he features are here to have a very frank conversation about a subject nobody wants to talk about but everybody needs to hear. When before it was dirty magazines hiding in a closet or under a parents bed, now even our children are assaulted by this deadly enemy simply by having access to the Internet. Before the Body of Christ loses any more ground Jus James and OmniGod are prepared to address the situation.

Starting with his intro JusJames declares "I Can Do Anything" in our Savior Yahuwshuah and reminds himself as well as other Children of The Most High not to be "Two-Face". After a prayer against a devil assigned to his personal harassment ("Lose It") Jus James tells us to "Get A Grip" and reflect on how "Trapped" we are to our sexual immorality. After tumbling through the dark recesses of a past that sought to replace love with lust we emerge into the glorious glow of the "Sunset". The Son of God setting aside our transgressions and welcoming us back Home with open arms. Renewed and rejuvenated JusJames with his Brethren in Christ are ready to take the "Message" of Redemption to a world in bondage.

You can imagine a light breeze blowing in from the beach along with a warm California sun shining down while you listen to this project full of introspection, conviction, and most of all hope. For this important endeavor JusJames has enlisted the vocal support of Avila of Flight School, C-Minor, DHIX, Joey Jewish, Kennedy Wrose, Mike Sarge, Larry Lowe, QuintelFlowers, Q Tha Miraqle, and SEA-H. While the subject material can be difficult to hear at times, this album, is anything but.


Larson Messenger is a poet and a writer for OmniGod Music