Resurrection is a MUST HAVE for every CHH listener. Triple Thr33 has you gripped with this Album from start to finish. His lyrical flow carries truth and penetrates to the soul! It really does awaken you to the fact that Jesus has died and rose again. That we can also share in His resurrection! So get your speakers ready and turn up the volume. This joint will turn heads and certainly turn hearts towards Christ!! His flow is something that is "Jaw- Dropping" to say the least. You are guaranteed to skip back to listen intently on his fast flowing lyrics to feed upon the truth. This Bro really does have style and by his lyrics you can tell that he does dig deep in the word of God. With features like Casinochris, Compliment, BloodBaught, Edify, and Dillon Chase this album is packed with something special and loaded with truth and fire. 

"This is my resurrection this is my breathe of life.

This is my final mission this may be the end of time

To bring the Light inside the Night exalting Jesus Christ

I'm Unashamed of the name

You brought my heart to life."

This is one of the hooks that he raps over on his track "Resurrection" and its by far one of my favorite tracks on the album! 

I'm looking forward to hearing more of Triple Thr33's music. He certainly does rock the boat with his style and will leave you going back for more spiritual food that is packed within this album!

OmniGodMusic would like to welcome and thank Triple Thr33 for his music and commitment to the Gospel of Christ. For being an available vessel that shines the light of Christ in this dark world! 

Be sure to purchase his album on

You won't regret it! 


Mark Bl4zing is an english bulldog of a writer and promotions/recruiting manager for OmniGod.