One of the most discussed criticisms of Hip-Hop today is that it all sounds the same. People are tired of the same exacerbated messages and, if not downright insulting, at the very least uncreative deliveries. It is during this era of mumbling and rambling that the genuine artists are being separated from the con artists.

Enter onto this stage two Soldiers of The Almighty known as LOZT ZOUL. With the kind of laid back music homies bump in their trunks as they're coming down the block, you'll immediately bob your head along to the classic-sounding grooves of the infamous sound of the Lone Star State. Although the tunes help you settle into a place of familiarity, you are about to embark on a whirlwind journey. With a deep, booming voice and an accompanying harmony, LOZT ZOUL spit stories at speeds most rappers wouldn't even try to touch these days. In a time known for mainstream incoherency and inconsistency LOZT ZOUL are truly set apart, commanded to be Holy as He Is Holy. LOZT ZOUL have the kind of gangster rap sound that your friends will rock to even if they aren't Believers, with the message that at the same time aims to bring them out of that lifestyle. These storytellers drop it raw and unapologetically, forcing your ears open to attention with the lyrics that make you listen harder than you normally do these days.

Whether you are looking for a message of newfound hope like the one found in 'HERO', a cascade of switchblade origami metaphors in 'Deal With It' and 'Hallelujah', or a story of a dark past with a catchy chorus ('Welcome Home'), you're sure to come to know the struggles and triumphs of these Warriors. 

With a generation sorely in need of True Men of YAH, LOZT ZOUL have arrived on the Spiritual Battlefield for the purpose of their very namesake: Reach, Teach, and Keep the LOZT.


Larson Messenger is a writer for OmniGod.