100 by John Jay is a track where he drops it hard. Featuring K- Reece this joint is something special. It carries bounce! Before listening to this track buy some shock absorbers for your trainers, some Nike-Air Max and get your front suspension ready for your ride because when you hear this you'll be jumping. The hard hitting lyrics and Truth of keeping it 100 for God make you move!!

Like... "I'm just trying to keep it real, gave my life to Jesus now I'm signed to a major deal" 

"I know that he's coming back. See me charged up full batteries in the pack"

100% is what we get when we are in Christ. God doesn't give us 30% but rather 100% of His attention, love, and blessings! 100 is a very catchy, bouncy piece of work that has your attention from start to finish. The voice of joy, of being FREE and ALIVE IN CHRIST. Passion oozes from John Jay. He also speaks of a God that is bigger than what we can ever imagine!

Keep on the lookout for more of John Jays music as he creatively spreads the net of the Gospel to catch lost souls who are floundering on the shores of unbelief. I'm sure the nets will be filled with men/woman whose heart are desperate for a life that isn't diluted by the lack of purpose.

A liberated, spirit-filled artist is who John Jay is. You hear his message of being undiluted and keeping it 100 throughout his music. John Jay gives a two toned message through this joint. The Unbeliever who is living a life that is NOT reaching its full capacity can find their capacity and fulfillment in Christ. The believers who are living lukewarm lives are shown that there has to be 100% focus and attention on Christ as it can be easy to lose focus. John Jays work helps us to readjust our sight on Him and be sold out, giving 100% to Christ!!

Thank you John Jay for your music. We are honored and privileged to see God using you as His voice!


Mark Bl4zing is an english bulldog of a writer and promotions/recruiting manager for OmniGod.