Joseph McSweeney formally known as Pyrexx, who now goes by JMM (pronounced J-double-M) of Houston's A.B.N., has been climbing the CHH charts as one of the ill-est artists in the industry. Joseph delivers some of the sickest music with the most incredible flow. His style is original. You want to keep listening and when you do he hits you with the coldest truth. This sound fits right into the scene that surrounds me from the streets of St. Louis back down to H-Town where this artist was rooted.

Spending my past year in Texas I got a glimpse of what Houston music was about and Joseph McSweeney definitely shows proof in the rap game. Not only does his work reflect successful talent it also reflects a successful music ministry. A movement for our one and only King. This man goes hard for the Kingdom coming from struggle after struggle. From the streets, to a cell, and bouncing out into the spotlight. Overcoming, growing, and grinding for God's glory and the body of Christ. Joseph puts in workin his latest album 'Work Flo Vol. 2' with confession, realization, and motivation. Christian Rap and Hip Hop are taking over. Sow into the movement, the harvest is coming.

As I sit here in an outside lounge of a casino in East St. Louis with my phone in my hand I start playing Joseph's latest album ‘Work Flo Vol. 2’ (released Sep. 2016) out loud. The music flowed with the wavelengths of my mind and the vibrations of my life instantly. A few people had even asked me who I was listening to so I knew they felt it as well. What's so funny is this moment turned into an encounter with a stranger where for the first time I openly prayed with my trembling hands on his. This is a perfect example of how the holy spirit guides you, how powerful this movement is and what a blessing it is that something as beautiful as music can connect. Intertwining us together in God's destiny. It is so ironic the name of this album is "Work Flo", and how my moment had played out. The holy spirit is moving, the body of Christ is working. John 7:38 "Have faith in me, and you will have life-giving water flowing from deep inside you" just as scriptures say.

As I listen to these tracks I gather clusters of lyrics that speak volumes to me in a few of these:

'We Wonder Why'- "I have lost everything... living the streets what happened to me... stuck in the dirt... Lord help me please... help me figure out what I truly need... help me figure out what I need to be". Amen. He took the words right out of my mouth. What really opened my ears is when I heard "living with addicts will make you an addict". It's the truth. From experience, it really is the cold hard truth. Carrying the cross of addiction this confirmation was needed for me. "Be a man bring truth to the game" he says, and he is making a good example of it. The song ends with a message...sometimes you have to let people go.

'Goin In' ft. Revolutionary is a powerful track that makes you think - "What do you talk about what do you walk about...go to jail do some time... none of them gonna be around...I'm tellin the truth and you know it... you only live once so don't blow it".

"My circle has gotten so small and so thin",

"I been through the struggle Im still in the struggle".

‘Pay Em No Mind’ ft. Tony B- "I feel ya baby I’m on my grind/ I’m praying daily gonna work for mine/ Ain’t trippin bout it can’t knock my shine/ a hater come a dime a dozen I don’t pay no mind". This one is my favorite one the album. It’s a slower, chill R&B jam. One of those songs I can sing to from my heart and soul.

'I'm Runnin' ft. Paul Wall, Canon, & T Burton

The last verse on this one was my favorite as well. You gotta check it out. It's a bet that once you listen to this song it's gonna be runnin through your head all day. You won't help but listen to it again. There were a few songs on the album that were super catchy like this one. The kinda songs that pump you up too. I love this.

‘Crooked Way Straight’ ft Bryann Trejo, Young Bro, Clay G, and Sevin. These featuring artists are also some of the hottest CHH artists in the game so I recommend you listen to this track for yourself because every verse is sick. Transformed drugdealers and gangbangers turning their crooked ways straight for our Lord and savior. My favorite line was- "devil puttin overtime in on the wisemen tryin to turn the wise men into blind men".

What I like most about JMM is that he is real. ‘Work Flo Vol. 2’ has 15 Tracks. I give the album an A+. Check it out!