Christian artist Dallas Hicks known as DHIX released an EP "reprogrammed" that slams! It has hard hitting beats and super clean flow as well as a full content of God, the world issues, and a gang of features.

With tracks like "warning" to let you know he's coming back y'all got to get ready. Or "reprogrammed " which shows what God has done for so many of us. I love how he hits on the topics in the world as in "rebirth" chasing paper partying and just giving it to God. Then staying true to him the track "lights out America" featuring Illuminate is my favorite track on the EP. It is definitely a banger.

DHIX has crazy skills on the mic and a very strong passion for Christ making it very clear what his mission is which creates a great CD. He put out a couple of videos for the EP too and they're really worth checking out. Another way of showing off his talent and passion for the Lord.

Pick up the EP "reprogrammed." It's definitely a CD you want in your collection.


Johnny "Block Bishop" O'Connor is an Irish Duke of the Bay Area and writer for OmniGod.