"DatPiff" is a popular mixtape site offering a plethora of music. Searching it you will find OmniGods very own Greg Bonzo also known as "DaBonz" along with his mixtape titled "The Game Changer." When given the awesome task of reviewing this mixtape I was excited to see what was to come.


Greg is Chief Technology Officer for OmniGod Music. He specializes web development. But after hearing his mixtape, I am now familiar with his skills in the studio. While Greg is a huge factor to OmniGod and alongside much of our other staff members, he has another job, a family and a life so it's no surprise he has a mixtape under his belt as well.

"The Game Changer" is a mixtape that offers a lot of insight into Greg's life journey. Most artists write to relate, I believe he was actually in tune with an audience that he knew definitely would. This mixtape is a 16 track album with 2 bonus tracks. It was worth every minute spent listening to it.

Lets begin with the "Intro" which is a great production and right from the jump the vibe is set. The momentum of the intro led me to number three "Blind". As I said before artists like Greg write to relate and he does this throughout the whole project. "Blind" was a song I could relate to. Regardless of how you view this song and its meaning "Blind" hits home. He spits a line that is in fact relevant to this day. "Jesus is the light but the world is blind".  Without holding back he spoke his mind and I liked it. 

"Image" is a song I thought needed to be heard. "Image" spoke about the music scene both as Secular and Christian. While this is not totally untouched it also isn't spoken of often. "Image" lays insight to this and more.

I really enjoyed the honesty and transparency behind the lyrics of every song. Greg hit a lot of important subjects and kept each Christ centered. I am a firm believer of music relating to life while also focusing on Christ.

With two bonus tracks this album is worth the time it takes to search, vibe, and meditate on. "The Game Changer" did just that for me. It is more than a title it’s a move to actually switch it up. Give your life to God and watch it all take a turn for better.

Life isn't met with out hardships. Sometimes you need a miracle to change the game. I am honored to be able to do what I do. Albums like this are what dictated the game changing for me. As you listen to this album think back on what changed it all for you .

Download "The Game Changer Mixtape" Here!!


Phillip Rosas is a Lead Review Writer for OmniGod Music.