When I was told to review this album I was excited. Not only because of the artist connection to Kingdom Muzic, but because I was told about his lyrical gift. If you know me then you know that I love music. More importantly I love Kingdom Muzic. So lets get into this review....

First and foremost, if you were to google the meaning for "Phoenix" you would probably see a couple of definitions. But the one that struck me the most is this one...(Phoenix -A thing regarded uniquely remarkable in some respect). I will tell you why this is so true, because B.o.b.b.y is definitely uniquely remarkable. This album has 13 songs, 48 minutes of beautiful. I didn't hit next to a single song! b.o.b.b.Y. describes himself as a "Reject with a Defect" boldly proclaiming that his flaws make him underserving of such a love. The first song, which is by far the best way to introduce an album is "A.R.T". It is spoken word and it sets the tone for the remainder of the project. I personally love spoken word. Then on to the song "Dark Days" which I found to be lyrically packed with a foundation of theology that seems to supersede most rap these days.

The chorus is harmonizing which definitely shows his ability to operate outside of the box. If you listen closely you will hear that his testimony is throughout a lot of his songs. This album gives you a feel of a remedy to all circumstances. Instructing his listeners to "Hold On".  While delivering a fast and contagious flow, every syllable connecting to one another with perfection. If this doesn’t motivate you, then listen closer. 

b.o.b.b.Y. speaks about his personal life.  For example, "Nameless" painted a picture of thanks and blessings. With lines like "Through it all I hit rock bottom, then you gave me my wife" and "Thank you for your patience, I'm no longer nameless".  When asked about his courageous transparency b.o.b.b.Y., being as humble as he can be stated "transparency gets rid of the feeling of unworthy for a lot of people, as well as calming people that are angry, because they have always seen the "hypocrite" and not the sinner saved by grace".

But this album is not only about Himself. Actually it is further from that. He surprises me with a clever song called "Wood Grain" which glorifies the Cross. I thought this to be a fantastic image of God and His son. "There is love up on the wood grain"....even writing that gave me chills.

"Put em up" allows us to worship with a great array of production. You cant help but to do just that. I can honestly say that he didn’t miss a beat. His flow blends well with this track. With only one feature throughout the entire project, we wind down to the end of this album. "It's You" celebrates his wife. He proclaims his love for her and what a blessing she is. We need more of that. This song is vulnerable and the best example of transparency. "Note books now filled with a different flow" shows how his life has changed for the better .

He finishes off with "Parables". If you know your Bible you know that there are many in it. This song speaks on the theology and relevancy of the Word. In terms of the world we live in today and the signs I found this to be amazing.

In conclusion, I think this album is great. There are not too many soldiers for Christ, but I am realizing that I can expect more as this genre grows. Thanks to people like b.o.b.b.Y., this album seals the deal on the truth about Kingdom Muzic being a ministry and not a label. I recommend this and I pray it blesses you as it did myself.