"Soul Refresh". What a wonderful name to an album that really adds more to the imagination. It was a blessing listening to this work of art. It's title compliments the type of feel that comes with it. It is a Christ centered project, which we need more of these days. In a genre (if we can even call it that) where proclaiming your love of Christ is becoming more of a hassle. EnKourage doesn’t shy away from being unashamed. The first track "Christ Café" set the tone for the 5 song album. It had a vibe to it that was easy to attach myself to, not to mention the flow EnKourage brought to each song. His sound is versatile , easily compared to someone like "Q -Tip or De La soul. His style accents the production. I would call it feel good music.

Track 2 , gives you a feeling of joy. I believe this is because it's sang by an artist who is truly seeking the Lord. This song makes you want to sing along with it. Not to sound over zealous, but every track is bible based. "Wonderful Counselor" shows this to be true. It's impactful and is wonderfully put together. EnKourage is not afraid to speak what's on his mind. With lines like "God I'm drowning in sin" you get the feeling that this was not only refreshing for the listener, but also a wake up call for the artist. With songs like "It wont be long" and "Promise Land" along with a couple of great features it's hard not to want to close your eyes and allow this album to take you for a ride. He approaches every song with love and tender words leaving you feeling reassured that this life won't be lived in vain. "It wont be long" can safely be labeled an anthem for anyone doubting the return of Our Father. He speaks about personal issues and states that transparency is the best way to relate. He finishes off with "Promise Land" which I believe is a very smart way to finish up. It's a praise song that is not easily imitated. I found myself echoing "Lord I need you, I gotta have you". 

In conclusion, I believe everyone should hear this project. It will enlighten and "EnKourage" you as it did me.  Leaving no stone unturned, EnKourage leads his listeners in prayer, showing his compassion for people. I truly loved this record and will gladly recommend it.

If you like soul, and if you love Christ, this record is for you.