Truth. Yonos speaks truth with his song 'Us VS. Everybody', acting as a light in the corrupt society we live in today. This song connected to the vibrations in my spirit. As Christians and citizens, with love, it is our duty to be the light of the world.

Yonos explains how we are misguided victims. Brainwashed to an extent where we do not grasp the concept of what is going on in the world. As an awakened spirit I see his mission, I completely understand his message. "The mouth is a weapon, nuclear when its spewing facts". He is encouraging us to fight for the light, for the truth, and our freedom.

Yonos I am right there with you brother, at the front of the line. "A fighter till there are no more casualties". We are soldiers. Jesus died for us and I would surely die for him in his glory. The enemy wants us. Driven to go at all lengths and all costs to get us. Disguised in ways you wouldn't think. That is why it is important to use the weapons our Lord gives us to overcome the enemy. "My left hand on the bible, and my right hand in the air". Yonos does a good job with this rally song.  "Fight for the right to be free"! Are you free? Are we really truly free? Maybe not in the world, but with Jesus Christ we are no longer slaves. Wake up and fight Christian soldiers!