Hip Hop Artist

Blizz is a Christian Rapper From Wabash, Indiana. He came from a life of drug and alcohol abuse from his teens to early twenties. Throughout his younger years he spent many nights partying or in the studio with friends rapping about life experiences and denied the existence of any higher power.

As his alcohol abuse became more prevalent Blizz began to lose jobs frequently and battled depression. In November of 2009 his younger brother overdosed and it was in the hospital room that night Blizz started on his journey with Christ. He prayed God would allow his brother to walk out alive and he would turn his life around, 2 days later his brother walked out of the hospital and the following sunday Blizz knelt at an alter and gave his life to Christ.

Blizz started doing music for the Lord early 2010 and hasn’t stopped. His songs are typically packed with emotion and tend to expose the lives of those suffering through addiction and how he overcame through Christ. He also uses the music to expose wrongs in the church. Blizz puts everything out on the table exposing his faults to others in hopes that others will gain something from it and either seek a relationship with Christ or seek to further their walk with him.




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