Tha Homie Blaze

Memphis, Tennessee


Hip Hop Artist

I accepted Christ at a early age being raised in a family of God fearing parents along with my sister. The Homie Blaze grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and was influenced by gangs, drugs and violence. Though he never joined a gangs, he did hang out with alot of gang members.

He started doing music because it was an easy stress reliever. He wrote songs to get his feelings out about things he was going through and released his first mixtape in high school. 


Blaze joined the military and continued writing songs and releasing mixtapes full of violence and explicit lyrics that his family did not approve of. 

After a talk with his dad about the content in his songs, Blaze decided to clean up his lyrics and exclude cursing and racial slurs. He decided to start adding a more positive message in his songs along with Bible verses. 

“Non Plagiaristic” was the latest mixtape released in 2014. His next project "Words Of Real Knowledge" will be released in October. 

Blaze’s thoughts on rapper’s now-a-days is that they are mostly fake. The trend of trap muzik is becoming less and less authentic because its become entertaining to talk about, even from those who don't have that background of trapping or drug selling on their resume. 

He finds it humorous that alot of those rappers who talk about guns and killing have not actually lived that life. His stance on rap is that we know that our music influences the kids, and yet so many are rapping about death, drug dealing, dropping out of school, promoting violent gangs and crime as if it’s fun. 

Christian rappers don't get the shine they should be getting.




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