Paris, Texas


Official OmniGod Music Group Artist

Blayne is 30 years old and was in trouble his whole life. Growing up he had a tremendous love for sports & making others laugh. 

Blayne was born with bipolar disorder and suffered from depression and ADHD. People said he’d never make it in life. Basketball and other sports helped him focus in school but soon his rugged and careless lifestyle caught up to him. A few days after he turned 21 in 2009 he survived an overdose and excepted JESUS CHRIST!! 

Blayne did right by God for months and ended up not going to prison on a serious charge, instead he received a few years of probation. During the years after he overdosed he strayed from his purpose and ran from God. He went through years of poverty as his family lost everything. 

When he was 26 years old Blayne developed a degenerative spine disorder and eventually had a disc fusion. He laid in bed for months crippled and was in excruciating pain. He was at one of the lowest points in his life because he couldn't help himself physically. To this day he is still in bad condition with his back and can't do physical labor. 


Blayne is happily married to his best friend Jessica and is a faithful father to his little boy. Blayne is always striving to be a better man of God. His grandmother would tell him in his early years of legal matters and addiction to read Psalm 46:10. At one point he simply became still for the first time in his life and God sent him spiritual dreams for two weeks straight. 

The last dream he had told him how to do his ministry. He hit his knees and glorified the Lord!! And on August 7, 2016, when he was baptized he started my ministry doing Gospel Hip Hop!! Blayne had a major back surgery August 30th and a couple months later was healed of those medical issues he was born with. 

Today his faith is unbreakable!! The Holy Spirit fills him up everyday. His goal is to help lead others to Christ so that they will make it to the kingdom by God's grace!! 


We can disciple into all creation! Asking for prayers for my ministry!! May Faith Light Your Path!!



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