Anthony Rosser


Hip Hop Artist

Anthony Rosser is an artist and believer in the Messiah (Christ) and has been a follower for about 6 years strong now.  Anthony never reallywanted to do music because he didn't want to be like everybody else, but at some point he realized he had a story to tell and a gift to share that could not remain buried. 

Anthony dropped his first album "Along The Way" this summer and even though he is a freshman in the game, the album is a very mature project. 

He is currently working on an EP but is still heavily engaged in “Along The Way”! He has crazy features on there with 4 God over Money artists and many others!

Anthony isn’t trying to be the next Lecrae or be like his bro Bizzle, as great as they are, he just wants to give people good music with a purpose and be entertaining at the same time.


To Love People How God Loves Me

To contact Anthony email him at