Austin, Texas


Hip Hop Artist

Brandon Miller, professionally known as Anjew, is an underground southern artist who is using his talents to be a light in this dark world. He fell in love with the church at a very young age, as a result of being drug to Sunday services every week by his mother. He became very involved participating in multiple activities thoughtout the church, and was amongst the elite when it came to knowledge of the Bible.

But once high school started his faith was put to the test and as many teenagers do he began to feel himself and deserted God. Hip hop became his mentor. People like J cole, Big Sean, Ludacris, and Lil wayne. He embarked down a new road which ended at a dead end or so it seemed. Over time his passion for music grew which led him to writing and recording his first verse.

After a few minutes in the studio he immediately knew what he was going to pursue-- thus he begun his journey as an recording artist. Shortly after he ended up with connections to Cash Money Records. Over the course of a couple months, his manager proceeded to communicate with the label and sent multiple songs, but things didn't turn out in his favor. Anjew was devestated and put the mic down.

7 long years passed by and in 2017 he heard Lecrae's "Nothin"; instantaneously a light bulb turned on. Anjew went on to record his first song later that year called "Celebrate". He is back now with a new direction and more creativity than ever before.

"Why waste lyrics saying nothing, when I can inspire by telling my story?" RECORDS FOR CHRIST is his movement. Anjew produces tunes in a bone-chilling manner and with high energy. Speaking through experience is one of the main keys to gaining his audience. Now with God as the foundation of his life, expectations are high.




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