Andy O.

Framingham, Massachusetts


Hip Hop Artist

Andy was born and raised in Framingham, MA. His family spent some time back and forth between America and Brazil before finally settling in a home in Framingham. He first became involved in music at age 4 and quickly earned a name for himself locally as a bright, energetic young performer and musician. He grew up a promising musical talent from the area. After many more years, he would eventually decide to pursue his true calling as an rapper/emcee.


His family struggled throughout his childhood, especially when his mother became paralyzed when he was about 7 years old. Andy’s father worked day and night to provide for the family while Andy and his younger sister would stay at a family friend’s home, a single mother with two children herself. His mother was taken care of by members of a local church who would take turns watching her while Andy’s father was gone. Andy and his younger sister would get picked up by their father late at night when he left work and be back on the school bus early morning the next day. For close to a year, this carried on before Andy’s mother made a sudden, miraculous recovery.

Andy’s childhood continued, bouncing back and forth between living with family in Brazil, and being in Framingham, eventually transitioning to a nearby town for a fresh start. Unfortunately things started to change for the worse. Andy suffered from abuse from his classmates and started getting himself into trouble in school, switching schools and getting kicked out of class daily. Although not very social, his few friends led him in a direction far from where his family had shown him.

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Attempting to deal with everything, Andy began to distance himself, locking himself in his room for days and weeks at a time, spending it writing verses in his notebook as well as poetry to express his thoughts. He spent his time listening to artists like T.I, Eminem, and Jay-Z. He became passionate for writing as well as creating, and began making beats on an old keyboard he had been given. He felt connected with the music more than he had connected to almost anyone. This led to an obsession with writing and making his own music. When he wasn’t making his own music, Andy was freestyling over his favorite beats and remixing any instrumental he could get his hands on. Although he finally had an outlet for his emotions, his inner struggles would continue. Andy continued to fight with a lack of self-worth and lost motivation to live anymore.

At 16, things would change when Andy was forced to attend a youth service by his mom and a couple of friends, who were desperate and not knowing what to do for him anymore. That night, the speaker introduced him to the gospel and he made the decision to follow Jesus. His world was rocked. His life was changed. He began a long and difficult process of restoration and learning with many ups and down. Everyone around him saw something change. During that process, he was invited to perform a song at a local event by a friend in charge of finding people to fill their program. Andy reluctantly agreed. The response was so overwhelming from that performance and a couple more that followed, that Andy started performing at local venues and began finally expressing some of the talent he had hidden from the public as an emcee. The response was immediate. Andy was quickly accepted as a promising local emcee/rapper, recognized for his raw approach, storytelling, and wordplay. “It’s crazy ’cause hip/hop influences people the way it does because you have a chance to say so much. More than you’ll get in one listen. Also, you feel it when it’s real. That’s what I strive to put in the music.”



"Make It Real"

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