Aidan Littlefield


OmniGod Music Vice President / Manager

Aidan Littlefield is the Vice President and Artist Manager of OmniGod Music Group. Aidan has always had a love for Hip-Hop and the Metal/Punk music scenes. when Aidan was 19 God came into his life and changed him forever.

While being discipled by Christian Coalition Outreach (cco) campus ministries he began to realize that he no longer enjoyed the message of the worldly music he was listing to. It was then that Aidan began to find Christian artist's in the genres and scenes that he had loved. While working at The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company, Aidan met and became good friends with Steven Williams A.K.A MadeSacred. Shortly after that Aidan began working with Steven to promote MadeSacred music on social media. He enjoyed it so much that Aidan would switch his major at Point Park University from Marketing and Business Management to Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management (SAEM) using what he would learn to help push MadeSacred Music.

When Steven approached Aidan with the idea to begin an inner city Hip-Hop based ministry which would eventually be named OmniGod, he was ready to dive in. Aidan would also intern in june of 2016 as tour manager with OmniGod Music while attending his final year at Point Park University. Aidan’s hard work and dedication to the ministry plays a big role in the advancement and growth of this flourishing ministry.

Only God knows what the future holds, but Aidan plans to continue working with OmniGod Music and continuing to help build successful ministries for artist's and most importantly....reach more young men and women with The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God. Family. Hustle.

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