OmniGod Staff




Greg Bonzo

Chief Technology Officer

Aidan Littlefield

Vice President

Ruby Williams

Queen of Content


Mark Gent

Operations Supervisor

Jerry Jefferson

Chief Spiritual Officer

Jason Linemann

Chief Security Officer

Mike Turner

Chief Graphics Officer

Sly Montalvo

A&R / MidWest Rep


Ryan Bonner

Board Member / Finance

Crystal Gooden

Graphic's Manager

Phillip Rosas

Executive Writer

Larson Messenger

Executive Writer

Chance New

Board Member / Business


Micah Caro

Social Media Manager

Isaac Patterson

Metal Writer

Troy Tennard

Metal Writer

Jon Diaz

Photography Supervisor

Johnny O'Connor

Writer/Block Bishop

Clayton Hatley



Ingredients to successfully hustling God's Way!!

First add an impossible amount of "Seek First The Kingdom of God".

Then throw in a ton of "Give your all at everything, doing so for the Glory of God".

Don't forget to add a giant bag of "Servant Mindset towards fans, customers, partners and even your critics".

After that, add an endless amount of "Love Thy Haters".

Next, throw in a huge amount of "Steward Your Blessings Wisely".

And last but definitely NOT least throw in a lifetime amount of "TITHE".

Mix all of these together as well as possible and put into the oven on 5,000 degrees for the rest of your life and enjoy!!

*How We Came To Be:

OmniGod Music / Ministries was founded in 2015 by Steven "MadeSacred" Williams and his manager Aidan Littlefield. MadeSacred had been praying quite a bit that year as to what to do to impact the world as much as he could. One day God gave Sacred the idea to start his own promotions firm with the intent to help as many musicians as possible.....for free!! So Sacred (being a DIY kind of guy) decided he would teach himself how to build a website, and that's what he did.

After building the website and being very happy with the looks of it, he launched it. But after about 2 months the site was only getting about 6 or 7 hits a day. Sacred did all he could to figure out why but just couldn't. So he went into deep prayer and meditation one day in hopes that God would help him. And He did. God told Sacred that he had been selfish and that the company which up until then had really only had a bunch of stuff by MadeSacred on it was never meant to be about him but was meant to showcase ALL of the talent within God's Kingdom!!

That was the day that everything changed. Sacred quickly started contacting as many skilled artists as possible and within the first month the website had over 40 artists and was getting about 150 hits a day. Within the second month of this campaign the site had over 75 artists and was many more hits a day. And today, the numbers continue to grow rapidly.

We are a record company although we operate more like a church and are at work with some of the top artists and ministers in the world. 

Today the site not only showcases some of the best talent in Christian Hip Hop but also provides visitors with over 900 churches nationwide to visit, Christian Apparel and ministries to help live a Godly life.

The vision for OmniGod is to be an "all-encompassing" Christian Life ministry.

Everything we do is about Jesus. Period!

*What We Do:

OmniGod Music is a record label as well as a promotions firm that was founded on the basis of providing a place where the artist can flourish without the burden of a financial charge. MadeSacred knows all too well the feeling of being a starving artist and everyone trying to get your last dollar. 

Instead of charging the artist for our services we go based on a more "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" kind of approach.

We don't charge the artist to promote their material. Our reason for this is because we feel it is what Jesus would do and how Jesus wishes His artists would be treated.