OmniGod Staff


President / Chairman


Chance Winburn

Chief Financial Officer

Aidan Littlefield

Vice President

Ruby Williams

Chief Editor


Mark Gent

Operations Supervisor

Jason Linemann

Chief Security Officer

Mike Turner

Graphic Designer

Crystal Gooden

Graphic Designer

Zach Schwochow

Graphic Designer

Jerry Jefferson

Chief Spiritual Officer

Larson Messenger


Clayton Hatley



Micah Caro

Social Media Manager

Jon Diaz

Photography Supervisor

Troy Tennard

Metal Writer

Isaac Patterson

Metal Writer

Sly Montalvo

A&R / MidWest Rep


Phillip Rosas

Executive Writer

Johnny O'Connor

Writer/Block Bishop

Ryan Bonner

Board Member / Finance

Ingredients to successfully hustling God's Way!!

First add an impossible amount of "Seek First The Kingdom of God".

Then throw in a ton of "Give your all at everything, doing so for the Glory of God".

Don't forget to add a giant bag of "Servant Mindset towards fans, customers, partners and even your critics".

After that, add an endless amount of "Love Thy Haters".

Next, throw in a huge amount of "Steward Your Blessings Wisely".

And last but definitely NOT least throw in a lifetime amount of "TITHE".

Mix all of these together as well as possible and put into the oven on 5,000 degrees for the rest of your life and enjoy!!