A-NON (Ænon)

Portland, Oregon


C.E.O. & Co-Founder of U.G.D Entertainment

Official OmniGod Music Group Artist

The name A-NON (Ænon) stands for "spring or natural fountain" as a Christian rapper water stands for "life". We are cleansed by water, we are baptized by water. Water gives life. 

Mike "A-NON" Turner got into music when he was 10yrs old in 1994 after seeing the "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" music video on Yo MTV Raps. He was first signed to Ghetto Rise Records in Portland Oregon at the age of 17 while he was attending Parkrose Highschool. While with Ghetto Rise Records A-NON released his debut album "Stormy Weather" in 2003 and was sold in stores from Eugene to Seattle. After fulfilling his contract A-NON continued creating music but this time he ran his own home studio and got better in beat making and audio engineering. 

After graduating from Willamette highschool in Eugene in 2003, A-NON took off from home to pursue methamphetamine's and gang banging. While A-NON was active he met his now best friend Jesse "Nuborne" Kindler. A-NON said, "If I take anything worth anything from those days it's meeting my brother Nuborne." Shortly after that A-NON and Nuborne founded Underground Disciplez Entertainment (U.G.D Ent.)

A little over a year later A-NON left for Portland in hopes to get clean and his life back on track. Over the next year's the music came very slow for A-NON as he got married in 2005 and became a father. 

In 2009 A-NON release his 2nd Album "Break Em Off". In 2010 U.G.D Entertainment was officially filed in the state of Oregon as a entertainment company. A-NON started signing artists and took flight! A-NON wanted his artists to be able to get everything done in house so he provided studio time, beats, photography, music videos, and audio mastering.


A-NON released a few more albums and then started working on his 4th secular solo album in 2012 titled "My City" which he had big name features such as Bizzy Bone, Yukmouth, Spice 1, Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz & more. The album was finished up and release on Christmas of 2015.

Shortly after, A-NON started his walk with Jesus Christ and totally stopped any promoting he was doing for his secular music. Since the change over he has only created hard hitting Christian rap in hopes to grab the attention of the people the church has a hard time reaching. The active gang bangers, alcoholics, drug users, the depressed, the lonely ect... 

U.G.D took on the new meaning of Under God Disciplez as J-Right and A-NON were having a conversation about making a Christian sub label for U.G.D Ent. 

All of our new music coming out will be God's music, and will serve the purpose of gathering souls for Jesus.


"As long as we can get people to Christ, then He will take care of the rest."

To book A-NON email him at BookOmniGod@gmail.com