2nd Samuel


Official OmniGod Music Group Artist

Born and raised in Staten Island (New Brighton), New York, Samuel was brought up in a Pentecostal Christian church. Once he hit Mckee High School he wasn't interested in church anymore. An avid listener to Hip Hop music, his dream was to one day be a rap star, just like Staten Islands own Wu Tang Clan. In 1996, he layed down his first track, and by the following year, he moved down to Orlando Florida with his family.

It was hard for him to adapt to this new environment, but what kept him grounded was his love for music. Going by the name BEZERK (B.E.Z), Samuel would get into rap cyphers in school, and would get on the open mic at house parties. That's when he first started to get noticed. His opportunity came 2 years later, when he met local rapper/producer, Nevahdless, and started recording music at Realm Z studios. The opportunity to perform all around Central Florida came to him as well, working with local Orlando Hip Hop artists/legends such as Paradox Unit (DMG), X:144/TDP, Warhedz, and putting out local hits like 'Do The M.A.F' produced by Tzarizm, and 'Fire' produced by The Beat Surgeons. He was also part of Hip Hop collectives, including Napalm Federation/Realm Z, The Secret Sircle, and All Terrain. During this initial run, he suffered an unexpected loss, with the murder of his best friend. An event that he would later revisit in one of his greatest songs 'Now Born 4 This' produced by IMAKEMADBEATS. 

Around this time, he was also serving as co-host for two of Orlando's Premiere local radio stations - 95Live and Raw 94, which were exclusive to local Hip Hop. He began to stake his claim as one of the city's hottest solo artists, eventually being nominated for Hip Hop Artist of the Year, at The 1st Annual Orlando Urban Music Awards in 2002. By this time, he had already shared top billing at several shows with the likes of Cormega, Memphis Bleek, and Dead Prez.  Worked with the talents of Critical & Madness, Mad Illz, Press Box, DJ Chino, Uniqme, and many more. After a few mixtapes, albums, and plenty of rap beef, he eventually stepped away from the rap game in 2004, and started hustling in the streets. By 2006, the hustling stopped, and he was back in the studio. Working with a new, and younger talent pool, he continued to press on and pursue a career in Hip Hop, appearing on several mixtapes, making cameos in numerous music videos, and performing in events that included GrindTimeNow's Lounge Battles, alongside well known greats like, Wordsworth, NINE, and Shabazz The Disciple. In 2011, he put out a solo mixtape called "I'm Now Born Vol. 1" which featured the single 'Big Boyz' produced by KuHandz. A year later, he and another artist by the name of Skrewbanga put out a song called 'Hatred', which was produced by Ryan Secret of the Trackformerz, and was followed up by a music video. Sam (BEZERK) also made his final appearance of this chapter in his life in an All Star lineup mixtape called OZONE, mixed and hosted by DJ Maestro and Chaos. It wouldn't be until 4 years later, that Sam would actually step back into a booth. 

In the fall of 2012, facing his toughest challenges, he would make the most important and greatest decision of his life.

In his own words, 

"I was on a roll. Then I almost lost my family, due to my lack of true love and dedication.  I was at a crossroads. I was finally where I wanted to be at musically. Deals on the table, and plenty more. But I was about to lose my Wife and kids. So I did what any man in my situation should do. I gave up those self-centered dreams of mine, to pursue a great life with my family. The first decision I made was the greatest decision I ever made, and that was to rededicate my life to Jesus.  Before this, I was at a point in my life, that I no longer truly believed there was a God. I started to believe in Knowledge of Self. I felt there was no need for a God in my life. Boy was I wrong. I gave up that lie, to pursue the One who had been pursuing me my entire life. The One who saved me on many occasions from ending up in jail, or even dead.  Now I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and all that I do from this moment on is for the Glory of God.  I gave my life to the Lord on September of 2012. In that same month, I took all my music CD's, which were about 600, ranging from Hip Hop, Rock, and R&B; with classics from Nas, Big Pun, and Wu Tang, and even my own material; threw it all in a trash bag, and put it in the trash, because I no longer needed that influence, and neither did my children. I was also full of Joy when my Wife and children also dedicated their lives to the Lord later that year.  When I first gave my life to the Lord, I asked God to take my talent, because I no longer wanted it. I used this talent that he gave me for self. All I ever wrote about was myself and how dope I was. Now my life revolved around Him, so I no longer needed it.

But I did tell God, that if he ever wanted me to use it for His will, I knew He would give it back to me. So I'm here to say, God gave it back to me. No longer do I go by B.E.Z or BEZERK. Like 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, "..If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." Now I go by 2nd Samuel, because that old man is dead, and I am the new complete version in Christ."

*In Christ Alone*

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